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Pension Board

The Local Pension Board is responsible for deciding all questions of eligibility and service credits, and determining the amount, manner and time of payment of any benefits under the Plan.  The PSPRS Board of Trustees cannot pay any benefits under the Plan without the direction and approval of the Local Pension Board.

The Pension Board is comprised of five members – Governing Board Member, two citizen members, and two elected District employees.

The Board must hold at least one meeting per year. Pension Board meetings are not held on a preset schedule, but rather as events arise requiring Board decisions. These decisions would include items such as adding new members, transfers, retirements, and pending retirements.

Pension Board Meetings

Northwest Fire District (NWFD) Public Safety Personnel Retirement System (PSPRS) Local Pension Board Meetings are scheduled as required and due to the current pandemic they are temporarily being held through Zoom.  The Zoom link for each meeting will be made available on each meeting’s Agenda providing the public an opportunity to attend. 

Pension Board Members

Board Chair – George Carter
Appointed Board Member – Michael J. Brandt
Appointed Board Member – Clint Green
Elected Board Member – Patrick Brown
Elected Board Member – Michael Olivares

Agendas are available on this website and also at the NWFD Administrative Office, 13535 N Marana Main St Marana, AZ 85653, – not less than 24 hours prior to each meeting.  For more information regarding the NWFD PSPRS Local Pension Board, please contact the NWFD Administrative Office at (520)887-1010.

Minutes of Pension Board Meetings

Agendas for Pension Board Meetings