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Premier EMS Services
The Northwest Fire District Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Division began 30 years ago when it was decided that 100% of the firefighters would be cross trained as paramedics and/or EMTs in order to provide the highest level of service to our customers. Today, still 100% cross-trained as firefighter-EMT/Paramedics, NWFD EMS Division is recognized by the State of Arizona as a Premier EMS Provider utilizing evidenced based protocols and state-of-the-art equipment. In addition NWFD is medically based with the University of Arizona, which provides a Level 1 Trauma Center and teaching hospital with a world-class renowned medical direction team.

The EMS division provides training, education and quality improvement through both field EMS Captains and a dedicated EMS training staff. The EMS Captains are embedded in each shift in order to provide medical oversight and assistance 24 hours a day. The EMS training staff keeps our EMTs and Paramedics current on the latest medical treatment by providing large and small scale high-fidelity training simulations. Together, the EMS Captains and the EMS training staff provide quality improvement through continuing medical education and review of patient care reports to continually refine the patient care process.

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NWFD has embraced the public health initiatives the State of Arizona has implemented in both Sudden Cardiac Arrest and Traumatic Brain Injury which have increased the health, wellness, and survivability of our public. In addition to state programs, NWFD is a proud participant and supporter of the Andra Heart Project screening children for hidden cardiac issues before they strike.

NWFD is committed to bettering the health and wellness of our community through developing partnerships that provide benefit for all parties involved. Our partnerships are diverse but provide an underlying theme of increased patient care and survivability.

Organizations NWFD EMS currently partners with include:


NWFD responds to approximately 13,500 calls a year, 80% of those are for emergency medical situations.


Our Minimally-Interrupted Cardiac Resuscitation (MICR) protocol tripled cardiac arrest survival rates in 2012.


Cardiac arrest patients with a shockable heart rhythm have 37.5% chance of survival with MICR protocols vs. 11.1%.


We were the first agency in Arizona to become fully certified in the EPIC Traumatic Brain Injury program.


We were the third agency in Arizona to achieve Premier Agency designation from the AZ Dept. of Health Services, and are currently one of 15 agencies who have achieved this designation.


We were the original recipient of the first Congressional Fire Services Institute Award for Fire-Based EMS Excellence.

CFSI Award Presentation

Excellence in Fire Service-Based EMS

Premier EMS Agency Certificate

Premier EMS Agency Program