Internationally Accredited

Northwest Fire District is accredited by the Commission on Fire Accreditation International (CFAI)


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A Word About Accreditation

Northwest Fire District is accredited by the Commission on Fire Accreditation International (CFAI). What that means is we take extra steps to ensure that we are providing high quality fire and life safety services in the most effective and cost efficient manner. Accreditation is a comprehensive and rigorous self-assessment and evaluation process that requires us to look at our past, current, and future service levels and internal performance and compare them to industry best practices. Accreditation is awarded only after CFAI determines our agency meets or exceeds the highest standards of performance and safety. Reaccreditation is required every five years; with NWFD’s next accreditation process scheduled for 2023. Northwest Fire District is proud to be one of 270 accredited fire and rescue agencies in the country out of about 30,000.  We are committed to giving you top of the line service, earning your respect and caring for your family and business as we would our own.

Accreditation Documents

The accreditation process looks at each fire district/department and its unique structure as documented in the Strategic Plan.


This document, required by accreditation, matches District resources with the fire and non-fire risks in our community and takes into account our community’s expectations in managing those risks.


Detailed information on accreditation can be found on the CFAI website


CRAIG 1300, The NFPA Community Risk Assessment Insight Generator, is a user-friendly data dashboard with maps, graphs, and charts.  Learn more about the people, places, and conditions that make up the Northwest Fire District.


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