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Developer Annexations

We embrace community and business development and understand that the beginning stages of development can be challenging. The District offers two options to multi-parcel landowners and developers which result in reduced fees charged for fire code plan review and fire code inspections for non-resident areas.

Option #1

This option involves annexing the entire area to be developed including roadways and common areas prior to the sale of individual homes. This option provides the highest level of safety to construction crews working in the area as it ensures NWFD emergency response for all fire and medical emergencies. In addition, homeowners will be assured NWFD emergency response immediately upon establishing ownership of their home as opposed to annexing their individual property at a later date.

option #2

Option #2

The second option is to enter into a Pre-Annexation Agreement with NWFD. This agreement establishes a commitment by the developer/landowner to assist with future annexations for individual lots or homes upon purchase by the home buyer. If the annexations occur within an agreed upon time frame, the developer will be reimbursed non-resident fees collected during the plan review and permitting development process. This option does not allow for immediate NWFD emergency response to these areas until the individual parcels are annexed into Northwest Fire District.

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Our staff will work with you to ensure the annexation process and/or pre-annexation agreement process fit your risk management needs as a landowner and developer.