Northwest Fire District Mission: To save lives, protect property, and care for our community.

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Chief Bradley in full dress uniform in front of a ladder truck.


Fire Chief Norman K “Brad” Bradley III assumed command of the Northwest Fire District on June 29, 2018 to lead the organization in its mission to Save Lives, Protect Property, and Care for our Community.

Calling All Approved Fire Protection Contractors!

The Approved Contractors List expires December 31.
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NWFD is reviewing the 2018 International Fire Code for adoption in the new year and we want your input.


There’s a new standard in the way CPR is done and it takes just minutes to learn.

Exemplary leadership and performance in serving our community.



Will you remove a snake from my residence?

The Northwest Fire District works with Animal Experts, Inc. in providing snake removal services to the high-call, urban areas in our District.  If the 911 dispatcher believes there is an imminent life hazard, an engine may respond to assist.

Do you charge a fee for smoke alarm or snake removal services?

No, the Northwest Fire District is funded by the taxpayers in our community.

Will you change the batteries in my smoke alarm?

We are happy to assist in changing the batteries in your smoke alarms at home, safely.  You can call 911 and say “this is a non-emergency call, could you please send someone to change my smoke alarm batteries?”  If available, a unit will be dispatched and a crew will install batteries that you provide. Please make sure you have the correct batteries on hand before you call as our crews do not have batteries to use.

9V has been the battery of choice for smoke alarms for many years.

Will you help with recharging or disposal of a fire extinguisher?

The Northwest Fire District does not recharge fire extinguishers nor do we accept them for disposal.  Please click this link to access our list of Approved Fire Protection Contractors. You will want to select Residential Contractors and scroll down to select Fire Extinguishers. You can search the list for those contractors who provide service and/or repairs. 

If your extinguisher is too old and/or cannot be serviced, please contact Pima County Hazardous Household Waste at (520) 791-3171 for disposal instructions.

Do you offer CPR Certification?

We do not offer a CPR certification course at this time.  Our Public Education Division is more than happy to schedule a CPR and First Aid class for your group or organization, but a certification card will not be provided at the conclusion of the course.  

Hands-Only CPR is simple to learn, easy to do and it’s saving more lives.  You can learn Hands-Only CPR, or Continuous Chest Compression CPR, in minutes. You can find more information on learning CPR here.

How can I schedule a station tour or truck demonstration at a location?

Please fill out this form for any requests through our Community Relations and Public Education Services Division.  We ask for requests to be made at least two weeks in advance, if possible.  We do the best we can to schedule your request, but please remember, the firefighters and engines remain in service and may be dispatched to a call during the scheduled event.

How can I request Northwest Fire personnel to attend a community, school or organizational event?

Please fill out this Community Event Request Form for any requests through our Community Relations and Public Education Services Division. 

If your request is for any members of the Northwest Fire District’s Administration, please contact our Community Relations Manager by email at

I am a member of the media. How can I contact the Public Information Officer?

During significant incidents, active scenes, and emergency response, NWFD will utilize X.  Please follow us at @NorthwestFire.

If you have an interview request or a question for our Public Information Officer, please use the contact information listed here.

I have a billing question related to an incident. Who should I contact for information?

Northwest Fire District Mission: Save lives, protect property, and care for our community.

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I feel safe knowing I am in the Northwest Fire District.

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Don’t lower your standards – love and admire them.

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… we value being a team partner.  Thank you …

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